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Reviews and previews, we all know they are subjective. One person’s junk is another one’s future cult classic. Not everyone looks at a game, a movie or a piece of hardware the same way, but what we can promise to do is explain why we feel the way we do about an experience. Maybe you will find your own thoughts align nicely with our (yay!) or that we’re completely nuts (not the first time I’ve heard that myself), but we promise to be fair, honest and most of all just want to acknowledge that we all come at this from the same place: a love of games.

12021/06/25ReviewEmpire of Angels IVSoftstar EntertainmentEastAsiaSoftMicrosoft Xbox One6,00Nick
22021/06/24ReviewRoguebookAbrakam EntertainmentNaconPC8,00Richard
32021/06/24ReviewWingspanMonster CouchMonster CouchMicrosoft Xbox One8,00Nick
42021/06/23PreviewGoing MedievalFoxy VoxelThe Irregular CorporationPC0,00Hayden
52021/06/23ReviewChivalry 2Torn Banner StudiosTripwire Interactive Deep SilverMicrosoft Xbox One8,50Nick
62021/06/22PreviewRogue LordsLeikir Studio, Cyanide StudioNaconPC0,00Richard
72021/06/22ReviewNinja Gaiden: Master CollectionTeam NinjaKoei Tecmo AmericaMicrosoft Xbox One7,25Nick
82021/06/21PreviewTerra NilFree LivesDevolver DigitalPC0,00Hayden
92021/06/21ReviewENDER LILIES: Quietus of the KnightsLive Wire, adglobeBinary Haze InteractivePC9,00Pierre-Yves
102021/06/18ReviewWarhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm GroundGasket GamesFocus Home InteractiveSony PlayStation 46,50Robert